Hello, I'm José Martin,

a dynamic Marketing professional and forward-thinking strategist specialising in Sports Management and Event Projects.

With an MSc in Sports Management from Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, a Master’s in Sports Management from Johan Cruyff Institute, and a Master’s in Marketing Management from ESIC Marketing & Business School Barcelona, my academic background complements my practical experience.

My expertise in event management has a particular focus on Expos, Sports, Fashion, and Hospitality, extending to impactful Marketing Activations and immersive Lifestyle events.

This journey led me to establish ALTA SOLUCIONES, providing holistic Player Care solutions for professional players, covering day-to-day operations, development, welfare, and overall well-being.

Additionally, I lead Marketing and Communications at the Alcantara Family Foundation in Barcelona and conduct Fan Engagement and Sponsorship Lectures.

I have solid experience in Banking and Insurance.

As an effective communicator, negotiator, and decision-maker, I am an innovative driver focused on seizing opportunities, ensuring cost-effectiveness, and fostering team synergy.

I thrive in high-pressure environments.

Are you excited about taking your event to the next level?

Let’s get in touch! I’m here to transform your ideas into reality.

Reach out, and let’s delve into how we can collaboratively craft an unforgettable experience.

Your vision, my expertise—let’s bring it to life!